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Businesses today are majority driven by projects because projects can help to increase business competitiveness. While each project may be vastly different, project management skills are needed to get the project scope completed on time, on budget and with the desired quality and results.

The success of an organisation in delivering projects depends heavily on the ability of those involved to define clear goals, plan, schedule and manage their work and that of their teams.

Project Management will always be in demand. No more is project management catering to technical and engineering fields, but now project management is equally adopted in the business fields.

And you will be doing great to get yourselves taught on the intricacies of managing projects, no matter if you are already a project manager because one does not stop learning new things, or if you are just starting out in this field.

One question I often ask my course delegates - what is the one most difficult thing to manage in a project? And the answer comes back with a resounding affirmation that it is managing people in the project. How true this is!

Managing project stakeholders - whether individuals or institutions, are often the "headache" to project professionals - from changing project requirements, change requests, change in the user group, shifting policies and priorities, etc. 

Although these changes do and continue to happen, we can as project professionals take the proactive measures to identify, relate and engage our project stakeholders. A project is all about creating change - transitioning from a current state to a new and desired state.

And along with this change, stakeholders like users and the affected parties will need to move too and this is when a carefully thought out strategy to manage stakeholders need to be a key component when managing projects. Apart from managing project stakeholders, as project professionals we need to be well versed with the best practices in the project domain industry like the project management processes it uses, the project governance, and the required project management documentation.

Today we have a very well established project management processes and governance in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) which is published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) of USA.

Come and join us to increase your project management talent and potential through the courses we provide - whether enrolling in project management courses that are work-based, or project management certification courses like the prestigious and most popular Project Management Professional (PMP) for those having more than 3.5 years involving in projects, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) for those not having sufficient working experience to take the PMP, and discipline-based PMI-Scheduling Professional or the PMI-Risk Management Professional.

The learning workshops programme provided by us are based on proven training materials, with real case studies for discussion, and presented in a practical way using the tools and techniques needed to plan, schedule and manage project work, and stakeholder change management.

YOUR FREE PROJECT MANAGEMENT LEARNING RESOURCE PORTAL... is a free service (requires registration) by LMC Learning, providing vital information and tools to aid in project management initiatives, such as...

* PROject Management Information SystEm" (PROMISE) is a web-based solution for project management workflow and document management
* Project Management Audit Methodology POISE
* Project Management Education
* Case Studies and Best Practices
* Discussion Forums
* Templates, Checklists and Forms


Updated on 2021-12-07

  1. Virtual Project Management Professional PMP Exam Preparatory Course (PMBoK6, 2021), every Monday and Thursday evenings (8pm - 11pm) starting on 13 Dec 2021 through 20 Jan 2022