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Dr. MC Leong, PMP

11 Jalan BSL 3/3
Bukit Sungai Long
43000 Kajang
Selangor D.E.


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Testimonials From Our Clients

"It is a big opportunity for me to be in your class for 2 productive days. I have learned a lot.. on the subject matter I think I am able to identify my objective in a professional way by means of laying out the pros and cons" - Ruby Sanches, AviSpa Avillion Port Dickson.

"Please know that we truly appreciate the informative and productive training for the past 3 days. The team is very much pleased with your delivery method and of course the knowledge you have in the field" - Saravanan Subramuniam, AIG Shared Services Malaysia (Project Management Train-The-Trainer for Malaysia and Phillippines BPE Operations).

"I was one of your students at Dubai last year for the PM course. I have enjoyed the course and it has really enhanced my career" - Mohammed Habash, Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai.

"I would like to once again thank you for the wonderful PM course. It has definitely boosted up my confidence to prepare myself for undertaking my forthcoming project, which will be the biggest project of my career" - Juzar Zaveri, IT Infrastructure, Qatar Chemical Company Ltd.

"I would like to express my thanks for the great effort you put in delivering the course and making it a success" - Suad Al Zeera, Manager - Data Management, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait.

"Thank you for a wonderful course. For me personally it was very productive and the learning was exceptional" - Anand Pinto, Zayed University.

"I have attended the "Managing Projects" course in Shell IT. I enjoyed the course very much and I sincerely think he has done a good job and made the class interesting" - Nicky Loo, Shell IT @Cyberjaya.

"Very good speaker. It was an excellent event" - Jan Mahmoud Al-Balushi, Bank Dhofar Al-Omani Al-Fransi.

"Excellent course, well managed in a professional manner" - Ahmed Ali Al-Rashdi, Bahrain Telecommunications Company.

"A professional approach in teaching project management skills and techniques" - Hassan Abdul Khaliq Ibrahim, Bank Dhofar Al-Omani Al-Fransi.

"I would like to express thanks to you for the excellent course you presented, It was very interesting and beneficial" - Humoud Al-Otaibi, User Support Division Manager (Acting), Saudi Industrial Development Fund.

"Thank you for your interesting and informative lecture, I think it is highly appreciated by all participants" - Mohammed Zainal, Network and PC Specialist, GPIC - Bahrain.

"We have really enjoyed the course and benefited a lot from it. It was really nice to know you all and benefit from your experience in the field of managing IT projects" - Maqbool R. Al-Maimani, IT Manager, Omani Aviation Services.

"Our lecture on managing IT Projects at Dubai last week was very interesting and informative; in fact, I was waiting for this event to happen from long time. I express my appreciation for the information you presented on adoptions of the project management concepts, which I was unaware of. And now back to office I will manage my projects here after more professionally" - Hassan Abdul Khaliq, Bank Dhofar, Oman.

"A lot of thanks and appreciation I would like to send you Leong, and I hope you accept my deep respect to your PM expertise and the wonderful way that you followed to supply necessary information to all course attendance. I have really learned a lot of very valuable information regarding PM science, and I am sure it will help me a lot in building my PM skills" - Younis Al-Mutawa, MIS Dept., GARMCO, Bahrain.

"I would like to send you a lot of thanks and appreciation for the effort you do and the nice way in presenting the course ,which give us more and more skills and way of thinking and enhance our knowledge;, according to me it is one of the most important courses I seen ,and I hope we can learn more and more from your experience" - Murad S. Obaid, IT Manager, Arab Islamic Bank, Palestine.

"Good tips are given for Project Management" - Gary Ong Lek Sun (Golden Tier).

"The trainer presents the topic in lively and attractive way to the participant" - Jessica Choo (PJ Development Holdings).

"The facilitator is knowledgeable and much can be shared and learnt from him" - Ling Mee Hong (HELP Institute).

"Overall a very informative & effective training session. Well covered" - Rohana Saadan (Kontena Nasional).

"We really enjoyed the PM course with you. It was an excellent course indeed" - Ali Al-Khouri (UAE Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi Police for 7 colleagues attending the "IT Applications Project Management" in Dubai).